Bring your SQL skills to the next level with real-world practice problems 

It's easy to find basic SQL syntax and keyword information online. What's hard to find is challenging, well-designed, real-world problems—the type of problems that come up all the time when you're working with data. Learning how to solve these problems will give you the skill and confidence to step up in your career.

With SQL Practice Problems, you can get that level of experience by solving sets of targeted problems.  These aren't just problems designed to give an example of specific syntax, or keyword. These are the common problems you run into all the time when you deal with data. You will get real world practice, with real world data. I'll teach you how to "think" in SQL, how to analyze data problems, figure out the fundamentals, and work towards a solution that you can be proud of. It contains challenging problems, that hone your ability to write high quality SQL code.

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How important is real-life, hands-on problem solving?

The most critical aspect of learning, the part that causes it to "stick", is the actual doing. Being presented with a SQL problem, and working through that problem (with hints, if necessary) will help you understand and remember concepts and principles like nothing else. You can watch videos online that will walk you through various aspects of SQL, and you can read sample code, syntax and keyword keywords without really absorbing much. But actually doing real-life problems will help your learning like nothing else will.

What do you get when you buy SQL Practice Problems?

  • You get instructions on how to set up MS SQL Server Express Edition 2016 and SQL Server Management Studio, both free downloads. This takes about 45 minutes, and may involve restarting your computer.
  • You'll also get a customized sample database, with video walk-through instructions on how to set it up on your computer.
  • And of course, you get the actual practice problems in PDF format - 57 carefully crafted problems that you work through, step-by-step. There are targeted hints if you need them that help guide you through the question. For the more complex questions there are multiple levels of hints.
  • Each answer comes with a short, targeted discussion section with alternative answers and tips on usage and good programming practice. It's not just a rewrite of the user's guide, and I don't have pages and pages of syntax details, since that information is quick and easy to find online.

What kind of problems are there in SQL Practice Problems?

SQL Practice Problems has data analysis and reporting oriented challenges that are designed to step you through introductory, intermediate and advanced SQL Select statements, with a learn-by-doing technique. The problems are business oriented, and use a customer order database.
Most textbooks and courses have some practice problems. But most often, they're used just to illustrate a particular piece of syntax, with no filtering on what's actually most useful. What you'll get with SQL Practice Problems is the problems that illustrate some the most common challenges you'll run into with data, and the best, most useful techniques to solve them.
These practice problems involve only Select statements, used for data analysis and reporting, and not statements to modify data (insert, delete, update), or to create stored procedures. That's coming in another volume, in early 2017.

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Hi, my name is Sylvia Moestl Vasilik. I've been a database programmer and engineer for more than 15 years, working at top organizations like Expedia, Microsoft, T-Mobile, and the Gates Foundation.

In 2015, I was teaching a SQL Server Certificate course at the University of Washington Continuing Education. It was a 10 week course, and my students paid more than $1000 for it. My students learned the basics of SQL, most of the keywords, and worked through practice problems every week of the course.

But because of the emphasis on getting a broad overview of all features of SQL, we didn't spend enough time on the types of SQL that's used 95% of the time—intermediate and advanced Select statements. After the course was over, some of my students emailed me to ask where they could get more practice. That's when I was inspired to start work on this book.

This book gives the practice that people new to SQL desperately need, packaged in an easy-to-follow, "learn-by-doing" format.

Sylvia Moestl Vasilik


This book comes with a 100% guarantee. SQL Practice Problems is packed with valuable and challenging problems that will develop your skills with data and SQL, but if you decide it's not for you, just let me know. I'll refund your payment within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked.